For over fifty five years, the Bookstore and Restaurant has loved and celebrated the Cape Cod clambake—boiled lobster, corn on the cob, and steamers. Our very own classics, like the Fish Pot, Fruits of the Sea and Portuguese Stew, pay homage to the Italian side of our family and the history of Portuguese fishermen on our shores. We prepare this seafood simply with basics of wine, butter, or marinara. Having been on the harbor for half of a century, we know Wellfleet oysters and littlenecks like few people do.

Our shellfish comes straight out of the bay and we respect and know the fishermen well. Many of our customers enjoy a dozen oysters or littlenecks (or six and six) in the afternoon or early evening, usually with a glass or two of white wine from our extensive list of wines, or a beer from our list of handcrafted and brewery beers. Our cocktail list includes Joey’s Aperol Spritz, Strawberry and basil Mojitos, Pomegranate and Lemongrass Ginger Martinis, all of which pair beautifully with a Wellfleet sunset. (Yes he did think of the colors when creating the recipes.)